Top 6 websites every Pakistani must visit for job/internship

This post is for all the skilled persons who are looking for a better job and for students/fresh graduates trying to get internship or job. In this blog I am going to tell you about the 6 top websites that you can visit for searching/applying and securing a good job/internship.

Note: Some bonus sources are waiting for you at the end of this blog that can help a lot.


rozee.pk is on the top of list for getting a reasonable employment. It is highly popular among job seekers. Anyone can sign up and next thing to do is to complete your profile, search for relevant jobs, apply and wait for your interview call (which can take some time depending on your CV). This job portal is highly recommended.


This website is the best if you are a person who looks for employment opportunities in newspapers. They publish all the slices of major newspaper job posts. Their UI is not very cool but they do have amazing content updated regularly (which matters the most). You do not have to sign up for an account on this platform but you have to surf through this website to look for the job posts. Than you have to apply for relevant jobs as described in newspaper slices.


jobee.pk is also a widely used job portal in Pakistan where lots of employers are looking for motivated, skilled and experienced professionals. For using this portal all you have to do is to sign up for an job seeker account, fill in all your details in profile, search for jobs that suit your skills and apply apply apply !!! until you start getting interview calls. After some time you will surely get a job that you needed.


mustakbil.com is another marvelous job portal where you can easily sign up and find amazing jobs and internships. It has large number of employers which provide amazing opportunities to the job seekers. It is one of the best source where you can present your skills to valued employers.


glassdoor.com is an internationally recognized job portal with millions of opportunities around the globe. High end companies use this platform for hiring purpose. It is popular among Pakistani job providers as well and you can easily get dream job using this platform’s account. It is really easy to use and really reliable. Just sign up, search opportunity and apply as an applicant. Next part is interview which depends on the company you are applying to.


Now this is a platform where jobs related to Punjab (Pakistan) related jobs are published. This platform has the best government jobs of all categories. It is maintained very well and updated regularly. This platform also follows same usage flow like rozee.pk

Start using all the web platforms and you will surely start getting response from employers. Some more sources that you must follow include:





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