Laravel 6 - Create the first project in simplest way.

Laravel is the most powerful and amazing framework of PHP that lets you develop high end web applications quickly! The latest version of this framework is Laravel 6 and web artisans are loving it! For checking the latest features and fixes made in this version you can take a look at Larvel News

Without any delay lets move to the main purpose of this blog that is to get started with Laravel 6 and creating a new project on local environment.

I am using windows 10 64 bit system and for creating a project on my local environment I need following tools:

  1. Xampp
  2. Composer
  3. VS Code

If you have the local environment already set up than it is okay you can move further but if not than please set up the local environment for Laravel Development depending on your system:

Step 1:

Open Xampp control panel and start both Apache and MySql services


Step 2:

VS Code provides its own terminal for running commands. Open VS Code and press ctrl+` to open terminal.


Step 3:

Move to htdocs folder of Xampp on terminal by using “cd” command. In my case:


Step 4:

Run the following command to create Laravel project:


In my case I am going to name my project “laravelsixdemo”

During the execution of this command you will get the version being installed but if you want to check the version of Laravel later than you have to run this command for it:


After complete execution you will get a Laravel basic project installed on your local environment. For checking if it is installed properly or not you have to open it in browser by going to


If the following screen appears than Laravel project has been created successfully.


File directory/structure of Laravel 6 project will look like this if you open the project folder in VS Code:


If you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you through my contact page or social media links. :)