How to make repository and upload project using sourcetree in few easy steps

Saving your code and tracking all the changes made to the code is quite easy when you use Git for version controlling. Git repository is the best for saving and tracking your project developments. In this post I am going to describe how you can use Sourcetree software for creating repository and for uploading your project.

Step 1:

Open Sourcetree on your system (If not installed you can download and install it from their official website). Click on “Create” button on top bar and following screen will appear.

Sourcetree upload 1

Step 2:

Browse the folder in which your project will reside. I have made a folder named “laravue-blog” in htdocs folder of xampp. After this, check the “Create Repository On Account” option and add account/owner details. Than check the “Is Private” option and click on “Create” button on the bottom of form.

Sourcetree upload 2

In the end of this step you will see this screen on Sourcetree.

Sourcetree upload 3

Step 3:

After completing step 2, I have created an index.php file in “laravue-blog” folder (You can add any project files in your folder). After adding your files you will see unstaged files in Sourcetree.

Sourcetree upload 4

Step 4:

In this final step first click “Stage All” than write description of commit and click “Commit” button (If any new window appears than click on “Ok” and click “Commit” button again). Next click on “Push” button on top bar to send your changes to live repository branch.

Sourcetree upload 5

All your project files have been uploaded to repository successfully.

Sourcetree upload 6