Earn money online with these 5 best ways

Make money on internet is the most searched item on internet. But most of the sources are either fake or useless which are nothing but waste of time. For making money online keep it in mind that you have to invest your time. Five of the best ways to earn money which can give you the best results include:

1) Blogging:

The most simple way of earning a good amount of money online is Blogging. Blogging is a name of writing about anything you like (which is interesting) e.g an event, product or topic. Blogs let you share your knowledge and ideas with others and good amount of your effort in blogging can change your life. Following ingredients are needed for blogging:

i.  Blogging Website

ii. Writing Skills

ii. Creative & Unique Content

First thing you need is a website. You can easily get it developed and deployed live from any freelance web developer at online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork or you can also develop it on your own (if you know web development). Good Writing Skills and use of to the point sentences grab the attention of reader which is most important part of blog posts. “Title” of every blog post must be small, precise, unique and most importantly attractive! Same rules go for the body of blog post.

Once your blog website is developed than you have to put content in a routine, After few months you can easily get some advertisements from platforms like Google Adsense and publishing those advertisements on your blog will pay you money according to views and clicks. You can also earn money by showing the traffic of your page to your clients directly and convincing them to publicize their products via your blog. Bloggers can easily earn hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly.

2) Web Application Development:

Giving web application development and maintenance services to the world through freelancing platforms is very common and efficient way of earning heavy amount of money. For this career on internet you have to sign up on popular freelancing platforms and start selling your web dev services on them. For marketing purpose of your skills you can share those profiles and your work on all the social media websites like Facebook. Web development needs you to have grip on different languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL etc. Apart from these languages you must have good knowledge of web applications and their optimization. Once you start feeling easy working with all the previously mentioned stuff you can start earning.

3) Mobile Applications Development:

Every single person in this world nowadays use smart phone. Android and iPhone are two big types of smart phones. iPhone have IOS applications and Android phones have Android applications. You can earn hefty amount of currency by developing these applications and publishing them on your own or for freelancing clients. In app purchases and advertisements earn money for you but the only condition is to build apps which are unique. Uniqueness is the key to success of your applications. For android development you must have knowledge of java and XML language, Databases and most importantly to the proper using of android development IDE. Just like this you have to learn basics of IOS development before everything to earn from it. But once you get started you will never want to stop developing apps.

4) Freelancing:

You can become an online freelancer if you have any intangible skills like graphic designing, web development, application development and many more. Freelancers get projects from different freelancing websites like freelancer, fiverr and upwork and after completion of those projects they get money in return.

5) Using Video Power:

Videos are something everyone like to watch if they are interesting. Instead of reading text most of the people like to watch videos. You can start making money just by making interesting videos and uploading them on your own website or on video sharing websites like




Videos can be video tutorials, cell phone or other product reviews, gaming instructions, cars videos, fact videos, movies or any other video that is interesting. Sharing videos that are originally made by you can make you zero to hero in months. Once your shared videos start becoming famous you will start getting handsome amount of money from advertisements on every view/click.

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